Top-quality service

An efficient hotline ready to help you out

e-notices and FAQ directly available on line

An efficient regulatory affairs service

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A scientist's world

It’s always easier to understand each other when you speak the same language! At Cisbio, the teams here are ready to help out with your projects and are all scientists. Communication is smooth, efficient and fruitful in seeking the best solutions to meet your needs.

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A daily commitment to a quality approach

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is constantly evolving to optimize our contacts with our customers, in order to adapt to the world of international business. Our procedures are continuously updated to meet the requirements of international regulations, contributing to and reinforcing our on-going improvement approach.

Our distribution network

With our strong network of over 70 partners, Cisbio is present throughout the world. In place for many years, their expertise is ready to serve you, our customers.