HTRF®, Alpha, LANCE®, and DELFIA® Basics​

Accelerating your research with a complete range of immunoassays​

Immunoassays for all your scientific challenges

Today’s researchers study a wide variety of targets, from large endogenous protein complexes to very small molecules, and everything in between. Samples can range from serum and plasma to crude cell lysates and purified reagents. The need to assess more biological and relevant samples is clear.

PerkinElmer offers immunoassay platforms to meet every need! Give your research the best chances of success with reliable and easy-to-use immunoassays: DELFIA®, LANCE® Ultra™, HTRF®, or Alpha technologies.

How to save time using no wash immunoassays

ELISAs and Western Blots can be time consuming. This is not ideal when you require higher throughput and increased efficiency. And what if a world where you can detect your protein(s) without any washing steps would exist?

Boost your work efficiency, publish quicker and get your drug to the market ahead of the competition! See how HTRF®, Alpha and LANCE® Ultra™ workflows compare to a traditional ELISA.

In this webinar you will learn: ​

  • What “no-wash immunoassays” are and how they compare to the traditional methods ​
  • Common applications ​
  • How to get started