The New March Products

New products

What’s new in the PerkinElmer reagent portfolio ?

New products using the HTRF® technology

Our team worked hard to provide you with no less than 14 new kits adding to the Cellular Phospho-Protein assays portfolio !

The Biomarkers assays portfolio have been enriched with two forms of an attractive target in Huntington disease treatment: the huntingtin protein (HTT).

In addition, we are proud to announce the launching of a new kit for CHO HCP detection :

New product using the AlphaLISA® technology

The CHO HCP kit is also available using the AlphaLISA® technology :

New products using the AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ technology

Finally, 16 new assays have been added to the Cellular Phospho-Protein assays portfolio !

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